We thank you for your interest in the workshops we offer 
and invite you to join us in experiencing the profound bond that unites mankind to nature and his environment by becoming aware that 
we are part of this humanity as a whole.

At PAZ NOVA LUA We try to live by taking into account our impact on the world, and by finding a balance between our needs and what we leave to future

It is by paying attention to the simple things of everyday life that we can develop our awareness and respect for the space that welcomes us and the notion of sustainability of our planet...

And it is in this commitment that we invite you to read the following practical
information before you arrive.

if you have any questions about this, feel free to ask us.


As we are in a remote location, we can help you organize your travel plans so that we can all save time, money and the environment.

We usually organize group transportation from local points and connect you with other workshop participants so that you can travel together.

Lisbon and Porto airports are equally distant from here and the
journey between the airports is by train and bus from Lisbon and by bus only from Porto.

We can help you organize your trip by providing you with schedules and access maps of bus and train stations and leaving you a detailed itinerary.

The nearest stations are Castelo Branco and Fundao, about
30 minutes by car, each.

there are also very economical direct lines by bus via flixbus and euroline that arrive in Fundao.

 We usually pick up participants at Castelo Branco station or at the fundao bus
station the day before the workshop starts at the end of the day. 

You must make the necessary arrangements with us in advance.

If you prefer to come here by taxi, please contact us for the phone numbers of the local taxi companies.

In any case, please send an email to in
advance to let us know the date and time of your arrival and the modes of
transportation you will use.


-Sleeping bag or sheets and pillowcases (if you come with a personal tent)
Bedding and pillows are provided for the room, dormitory and prepared tents.
-Sweater or jacket for cold evenings and warm work clothes for spring and fall
-Swimsuit (because we have a small lake for swimming)
-bath towel and towel (we also have some for rent if you prefer)

-Mosquito repellent (in hot weather)
-Shoes that can be used for dancing or walking outside. 

-water bottle (we can provide you with a glass bottle here)

100% natural and biodegradable toiletries (shampoo, cream, soap, toothpaste, etc.) because all the water used on site goes directly into the soil and the plants that surround us.

If you wish, we have soaps, skin care creams and natural mosquito repellents for sale here.


Because food is fundamental to physical well-being, the meals are made for you from fresh products, preferably local and from organic farming.

We prefer a rich and tasty vegetarian food, with lacto-fermented products, germinated seeds, probiotic drinks and spring water from the field...

And we take into account your food intolerances (gluten, dairy products...).

The "snacks" outside the main meals are at your expense, it is necessary to plan it before your arrival.

The two main meals will be prepared for you and for breakfast the food will be at your disposal at a fixed time.
For the retreats we prepare together juices and meals in order to learn together or to deepen our dietary knowledge.

At each meal, everyone should wash their plates, cutlery and cups and make sure to clean the common areas used and leave everything in order. 

Please inform us of any food intolerance, allergy or other dietary requirements so that we can make the necessary arrangements.


The tap water here is NOT drinkable, but it can be used safely for cooking.
We will collect drinking water from a source in the field to fill a metal tank in the kitchen.

Because we are in the countryside, the water is only drawn from wells and water
reservoirs on the land and its quantity is NOT unlimited, it is essential that we pay close attention to our water consumption, using only what is necessary and taking care to turn the taps while soaping in the shower or washing dishes.


Recycling is really important here and we are always trying to find ways to reduce our environmental impact by reducing our use of plastics and non-recyclable products and by reusing glass and other materials.

So we have several containers:
for compost = food scraps and peels.
For glass = Bottles and broken glass (jars are usually reused for jams, etc.)
for plastics, paper and cardboard

Please do not leave bottles, creams and garbage on site or when you leave. Please dispose of them in appropriate containers.


This area is very dry and windy and therefore the risk of fire is very high.
For safety reasons, smoke only in the designated area next to the
kitchen and dispose of your cigarette butts carefully and carefully, making sure they are completely extinguished in the ashtrays provided.

Smoking is prohibited in the rooms and common areas or near the studio.


to book your place it is necessary to pay us 200 euros of deposit.

Please pay the rest of your fees upon arrival on the site or on the first day of your workshop.

There is a MULTIBANCO cash dispenser in the village.


Trees and plants: Avoid climbing trees, picking fruit or plants (use is limited to the resident family) or walking on planted surfaces or crossing terraces off the paths and passageways provided for this purpose.

Drugs: For legal reasons, the use of drugs on site is strictly prohibited.

We hope you will treat this place with care and respect and help us to take care of it and the spaces you use.

"We would be happy to feel you being 
an integral part of this place,
living an enriching adventure, fruit of all the love we have given 
so that this place can live and welcome you"

 Meline & Alfonce.